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Gary L. Hirshberg

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Over thirty years of experience providing psychotherapy, couples counseling and training in St. Louis.


Areas of Expertise

Diversity, LGBTQ Issues, Male Survivor Issues

I am a licensed clinical social worker who practices both individual and couples therapy. I specialize in working with clients from diverse backgrounds. My training as a social worker has given me the understanding of how both childhood and current life circumstances impact people. I work to assist you in understanding how to deal with your problems. My goal is never to provide answers for people, but to help people to understand themselves so that they can function and operate independently of their conflicts and problems.

I have extensive experience working with gay men, women, male survivors of childhood sexual abuse, couples, artists, and international clients. Bringing a sense of discovery and openness to seeing who a person is beneath the surface has imbued my career with clients who for a variety of reasons feel a sense of otherness or differentness that has greatly impacted their lives and that they wish to understand and explore.

My intention as a therapist is that together we can understand the challenges you bring in such areas as addictions, depression, anxiety, relationships, intimacy or sexuality and then look at how these issues stem from the underlying conflicts you face.


Contact Me

I can be reached by leaving a message at my office, (314) 367-2010. Messages are usually returned the same day if at all possible, Monday thru Friday. Weekend calls are returned on Monday. 


Due to client confidentiality concerns, I limit the content of what I discuss with clients on email. If you would like to email me your contact information I would be happy to call you so we can discuss your situation further. My email address is or you can fill out the form below.


Thanks for contacting me!


  4103 Shenandoah Ave 

  Saint Louis, Missouri 63110

Tel: (314) 367-2010

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